Welcome to the Biokovo nature park, one of the most beautiful must-see locations during your visit to the southern Croatian region of Dalmatia. Biokovo skywalk is the viewpoint made from glass in the shape of a horseshoe on the edge of a cliff on which you can walk on.

It is really amazing and as you can imagine, the view of the middle dalmatian islands is breathtaking! Don’t be scared of the glass floor!

The skywalk is located on the south-western part of the nature park at the height of 1228 meters from the sea. Next to the viewpoint, there is a 3D representation of stones that are part of Biokovo throughout history.

It can receive 30 visitors at the same time and guests can take the road that takes them to the highest peak of Biokovo – St. Jure peak with its height of 1762 meters, and that road is the highest official road in Croatia!

Biokovo mountain is a huge relief barrier that separates the sea and the interior of the country. Untouched nature on Biokovo mountain, the second highest Croatian mountain, will relax anyone and it is the ultimate stress relief!

To get to the Biokovo nature park from Makarska and its riviera, it can take you up to 45 minutes of a very interesting drive where you can meet some local domestic animals like cows and more!

A fun trip idea is taking a long tour of the Makarska riviera, a 60 kilometer part of the coast which goes directly through the hear of the city. It spreads from Brela town to the small town of Gradac in the south. Stunning beachesamazing gastronomy and much much more!

Stunning views, clean air and the beauty of local flora will satisfy any taste.

Skywalk in Biokovo is one of those places you must visit during your stay, so book your villa on time and make your stay memorable!

Photos: Biokovo Nature park